MS Dhoni’s uniqueness is in the way he remains detached: Lakshmipathy Balaji

The world came to a standstill when former Indian skipper MS Dhoni announced his international retirement on August 15, 2020. While fans started having upset times, experts across the world also pour in their views on what impact his exit would mean to India. In the same sequence of events, CSK bowling coach Lakshmipathy Balaji opened up on Dhoni’s reserved behaviour and how he took things in a simple manner.

Balaji added that when Dhoni took this big decision, he met him that day on the regular discussion. The entire CSK lot was in the UAE and was gearing up for another edition of IPL. The coach stated that the CSK skipper just talked to him casually about wickets and that he has asked the groundsman to put extra water on the pitch.

“After practice gets over, I normally talk a lot to Dhoni about the wicket, about practicing and playing conditions. That day, I finished practice and I went inside. I did not realize that he had already put his retirement message at 7:29 pm. “So, after posting the message, Dhoni walked up to me as usual and he casually told me that he had asked the groundsman to water the ground extra for the pitch. I said okay. And I didn’t realize anything,” said Lakshmipathy Balaji on Star Sports 1 Tamil show Cricket Connected – ‘Aatam Thodarattum’.

MS Dhoni will never stop no matter what the situation is: Laxmipathy Balaji

Balaji further made a point that it was a huge moment in his life, the biggest probably but he kept it extremely simple and low-key. In fact, his uniqueness lies in the way he remains detached, reckoned the bowling coach. He made a point that whatever may happen, small or big, Dhoni just doesn’t stop from fulfilling his commitments and moves in his own style.

“It was a huge moment in his life. But, just like that, he moved on, and that’s Dhoni for you. Then I finally realized he announced his retirement. It took some time for me to sink in the moment. Dhoni’s uniqueness is in the way he remains detached. He will never stop no matter what the situation is, and moves on in his own style,” Balaji added.

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