Know Your Player – Krunal Pandya

Cricketing milestones, rise through the ranks, trials and tribulations and their glamorous lifestyles – we cover it all in ‘Know Your Player’, a brand-new section aimed at keeping you updated with everything you need to know! In this edition, we take a look at the elder Pandya, Krunal Pandya. Keep watching this space for a new superstar every time!

The Beginning

The Pandya brothers have journeyed from being rags to riches. Krunal, the elder brother, was born in Ahmedabad but his cricketing education began in Ahmedabad. His father did not have enough money to ensure proper cricket gear and coaching for both the brothers yet they stuck at it. Krunal’s dream almost came to a standstill following a shoulder injury but he came back stronger after almost two years. Kiran More, his coach in Baroda, recommended the all-rounder to Mumbai Indians and the rest is history.

The Rise

Off The Field

Krunal is calmer and more mature than his younger brother. He often stays away from the limelight but speaks volumes with his performances on the field. When it comes to social media, he is very much active on Instagram and shares regular updates. He frequently features in Hardik’s feed and the brothers have shared plenty of their memories from their childhood days.

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