Indian cricketers express gratitude on National Doctor’s Day

The National Doctor’s Day could not have come at a more appropriate time than the one we are experiencing right now. The medical fraternity is putting their lives on the line to save us and fight against the deadly pandemic of the novel coronavirus. While we have been appreciating and thanking them for their selfless service, 1st July gave another occasion to express our gratitude.

For cricketers, doctors are not only life-savers but they are also essential in lengthening their careers. No sportsperson is immune to injuries and only the right treatment can help them get back on the track. Many Indian cricketers expressed gratitude on Twitter.

The man who played a pivotal role in winning India the 2011 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh was signed with cancer after the event. He fought cancer and returned on the field to represent India in international cricket once again. He shared a video of his while thanking doctors.

India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya had suffered a severe back injury which ruled him out of cricket for a long duration. He remembered the medical staff that helped him recover and thanked the medical fraternity for their consistent contribution.

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