Costly drives: Five Expensive Cars of Indian Cricketers

The game of cricket has always shown a lot of variations from having players strong financial class to middle class to simply not so well off. But the real deal is when one raises his game and starts displaying the class, the glitz and glamour come hand in hand. Keeping aside all the hard work and strenuous efforts involved in sports, players enjoy a fancy lifestyle for the greater part of their life.

Even if a player has a successful IPL season, they are showered with endless cash. Talking ahead in this luxury league, some of the cricketers possess absolute luxuries in their backyard. Let’s look at some of the most expensive cars from our cricketers.

5. Hardik Pandya (INR 1.82-4.21 Crore- Land Rover)


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The player who doesn’t leave a single chance to give a glimpse of his stylist possession is Mr. Pandya. Right from his glasses to watch to cars, everything is simply breathtaking. He possesses some great cars but the best one he has is Land Rover.

The base model of this one starts from INR 1.82 Crores and goes up to a whopping 4.21 Crores. It doesn’t have great speed as compared to its competitors but is known for a smooth and luxury drive.

4. Kapil Dev (INR 1.19-1.89 Crore- Posche Panamera)

India’s World Cup-winning captain is also a lover of some absolute luxuries. The best one in his collection is the Porsche Panamera with a fuel capacity of 80 litres. The elegant run machine can touch the 100 kmph mark in 5.6 seconds.

Its fastest speed can supersede the BMW i8 owned by Sachin Tendulkar. Equipped with 12 speakers, the car boasts of a great music system that can give you the DJ feels. The former all-rounder has a black variant of this luxury.

3. Virat Kohli (INR 3.18 Crore- Audi R8 V10 Plus)

When we are talking about luxury, the one name that cannot be left behind is obviously the Indian skipper Virat Kohli. Apart from his classy game, he never leaves a chance to give lifestyle goals to fans. He has got some amazing cars back home but the most valuable among them is Audi R8 V10 Plus.

Just like Lamborghini, it only takes 3.2 seconds to touch 100 kmph from zero and can pace up to lightning 330 kmph. The great thing is, Kohli is a brand ambassador of Audi and has a lot of its variants.

2. Virender Sehwag ( INR 3.74-3.97 Crore- Bentley Continental Flying Spur)

One of the greatest former batsmen, Sehwag is well known for his classy strokes. His stats speak of his illustrious career and not to forget, he is a lover of some cool luxuries too. The classiest he has amid his car collection is Continental Flying Spur.

It isn’t as fast as Lamborghini owned by Yuvraj Singh but takes merely 5.2 seconds to touch the 100 kmph mark. It can touch the maximum of 183 kmph while dazzling on the road and our former opener owns a sliver variant of this amazing beauty.

1. Yuvraj Singh ( Lamborghini Murcielago INR 3.6 Crores)

The great former all-rounder can never go off fan’s minds courtesy his six sixes and his flamboyance on the field was a thing to watch out for. Just like his classy shots, he is the owner of some classy cars too. The best beauty in his garage is Lamborghini Murcielago.

The run machine only needs 3.2 seconds to cross the 100 kmph mark and has 6.12 litres petrol engine. With a maximum speed of 312 kmph, the run machine is fastest on this list. Singh proudly owns an orange version of this elegance.


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