Brag Hogg feels that a big score is around the corner for the Indian skipper

Indian batting legend Virat Kohli has had a tough time with the willow in the recent past. In fact, in the year 2021, Kohli has scored just 353 runs in 13 innings in Test match cricket and has scored his runs at a mediocre average of 27.15.

Also, Kohli has now gone more than 50 innings without a century in international cricket, with his last international century coming way back in the year 2019, against Bangladesh at the Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata.

However, former Australian spinner, Brad Hogg is confident that Kohli will score a century in the coming days. Hogg further stated that Kohli has understood the differences in his batting technique two years ago and his technique at present.

Adding that in the second innings of the third Test match at Headingley Kohli made some slight adjustments in the way he played, Hogg opined that a big score is just around the corner from the willow of the Indian batting colossus.

I am predicting that Virat Kohli will score a hundred somewhere along the line. I just think he has realized what difference was there in his technique two years ago from what it is now. I just saw in the final innings that there were slight adjustments in the way he set up. When Virat Kohli gets in right, he doesn’t take time to turn it around. So for me, watch out for a big score from Virat Kohli,” said Hogg while speaking on his YouTube channel.

Virat Kohli is a skipper that England and Australia fear: Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg further added that Virat Kohli is a captain that teams like England and Australia fear, as he imposes himself on the opponents. Hogg concluded by stating that the quality that sets a good leader apart from the mediocre ones is the way they bounce back when their backs are against the wall.

I think Virat Kohli is a very good skipper. I think he is a skipper that Australia and England fear. He just imposes himself on the opposition. We have had just one loss here so this is where you start asking questions.

What sets good leaders apart from mediocre leaders is the way that they come back from adversity. But I know England fear Virat Kohli by the way he imposes himself in the middle,” concluded Hogg.

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